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5 Profitable Dropshipping Niches for 2022

With the ability to make serious money with little to no investment, the appeal of dropshipping is understandable. But dropshipping, you may ask…hasn’t that ship sailed already?

The answer is a resounding no. In 2020, when many businesses were failing, the worldwide dropshipping market grew to 128 billion US dollars, with things only appearing to go upwards. 

So if you are interested in getting a piece of the pie and learning how to choose a dropshipping niche, then look no further. We have looked into the most profitable dropshipping niches so that you can get started and see results right away.

1. Home Improvement and Decor

One consequence of us staying home much more during the COVID-19 outbreak was that the average person became far more houseproud.

Rather than just being a phase, it seems that the average person’s willingness to invest in their home has meant one thing: There is an increasing demand for products to help them keep them looking fresh. 

For any of you looking for dropshipping niches for beginners, this is a great place to start due to the wide range of things you can focus on. Be it hand drills, wall art, night vision cameras, or bedding, this is one of the most profitable dropshipping niches to consider dipping your toe into. 

2. Home Fitness Equipment 

Our collective desire to be beach body ready cannot be underestimated, which only means good things for creative dropshippers.

However, understandably there is much competition in the world of fitness, so double down on dropshipping niches that will catch the attention of a particular crowd. 

3. Baby Products 

The key for anyone looking to open a successful business is to be clear about where you will make the most profit. On that note, there are few dropshipping niches that people are willing to spend more money on than a new bundle of joy. 

Parents’ willingness to recommend good products is another major plus, so focus on quality overall and you will likely strike it big. 

Think baby wraps, sleep sacks, bottles, bath toys, etc., to get started. But there is a multitude of options available, so feel free to see where this niche takes you. 

4. Pet Accessories

Coming in at a close second for dropshipping niches that are most connected to emotional buys are pet products. So why not look into the options available to you in animal accessories? 

If you have a pet or are an animal lover, this will hardly seem like work, especially as you already know how easily a quick google search can turn into an animal product deep dive. Playpens, dog and cat beds, and toys are all are crowdpleasers and great places to get started

5. Outdoor Fun

Getting more in touch with nature is becoming more and more popular, especially as for many the great outdoors have become a welcome mental retreat since the numerous lockdowns worldwide. 

Tap into one of the most enjoyable and profitable dropshipping niches by looking into items such as hiking equipment, sleeping bags, and even survival gear.

Get Started With Your Dropshipping Niches Today

Regardless of which one of our dropshipping niches you go for, one thing is for sure: You can rely on DropShipOnly to support you each step of the way. 

Why not see where dropshipping will take you by browsing what we have in-store today!

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