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Top 5 Drop Shipping Business Ideas

Coming up with inspiration for your drop shipping business can be difficult. And with so many different products out there, picking the right one for your online store can be a nightmare. It’s also important to keep in mind that most products available for dropshipping will be sold for a profit margin of only 15-20%. Here at Dropship Only we have come up with 5 of the best drop shipping business ideas so that your invested time leads to success. 

Brainstorming ideas is always the first step

Drop Shipping Business Ideas for Success

Pet Supplies

Pet owners also want the convenience of getting supplies from online stores

Who doesn’t love spoiling their pet? Pet supplies continue to be a staple industry despite changes in the economy and technological advancements. With most Australian households having a pet, creating an online store centered around pet supplies is a great way to enter into the world of eCommerce business. 

Pet owners are more willing to spend a larger amount of money on pet supplies like pet stairs if it means getting a higher quality product. This means it’s a good idea to focus on getting dropshipping suppliers who can provide better products with short delivery times.

Beauty Products

Beauty products are another one of the best drop shipping business ideas. The beauty industry has continued to have strong growth every year, and is also gaining popularity on eCommerce platforms. A key factor to this has been the rise of social media and the promotion of products on them. Influencer marketing will be a good way to promote your dropshipping store and gain rapid traction. It’s important to tailor your website to the female audience who consume the majority of beauty products. 


With most people being stuck at home over the past few years, homeware has become a top trending product for starting a dropshipping business. And with more businesses adopting a work from home model, selling homeware will be a great long term strategy. As such, the industry is forecast to have increasing levels of high demand. With so much time spent at home, decorations have become a big industry within homeware.

Outdoor Products

People around the world want to explore the outdoors more than ever before

Like homeware, lockdowns have created an increasing itch to go and explore the great outdoors. Along with a high demand for offroading vehicles, outdoor products are projected to have steady growth as we get more opportunities to spend leisure time outdoors. People will need outdoor products such as sleeping bags to pack for their adventures, making this an amazing dropshipping niche to take advantage of.


Our world is getting more advanced day by day. Technology and electronic devices are now consumed more by everyone, helped by the introduction of more disposable and novelty items. We recommend selling products which people will continue to need such as tv remotes or usb cables. This strategy will help to create a stable source of income from your eCommerce store and build its identity.

Ready for take-off?

Coming up with good drop shipping business ideas can be a major obstacle, but these five will make your choice much easier. A key part of dropshipping will still be shipping times for your products. At Dropship Only, you’ll find all these products with 24 hour shipping so you can keep your customers happy and coming back to your store for more!

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