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top dropshipping products for kids niche

Best Dropshipping Products for Your Kid-Centric Business

Children are unique bundles of joy that can transform our lives for the better. Their energy, curiosity, and unique look into the world can easily make a parent drop everything and do stuff for them.

If you’re on the hunt for dropshipping toys that kids will love to play with, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll be listing down some of the most fun toys you can add to your inventory so kids and parents will want to order from your store!

Plush Toys

Plush toys are always a perfect toy for kids. Everyone can enjoy a cute animal stuffed toy that they can hug and carry around when lounging around or heading off to bed.

The secret to plush toys is getting as many kinds as possible. Only getting one type of plushie will limit your business’s  reach. After all, children have different favorite animals and characters.

Neck Floats

As the world opens up again, more families will be looking to spend time in swimming pools and oceans. They’ll be looking for neck floats and other swimming paraphernalia to make their swim trips as comfortable as possible. Adding these to your store will make your store a top-of-mind option for new parents.


Teething is far from a comfortable experience for growing infants, so making the process as painless as possible by buying teethers for them to chew on is crucial for most families with newborns.

New parents will be on the lookout for new teethers as it can develop a baby’s jaws and aid in their curiosity, aside from just providing relief. It’s a must-have item for any dropshipping business that wants to become the go-to store for anything child-related.


Besides plushies, dolls are a prerequisite for any kid-friendly store. Dolls are important toys as they help develop a child’s creativity and imagination. They also give us a nice memory to look back on in adulthood: most of us remember our favorite dolls, after all.

What’s interesting to know is that there are different kinds of dolls on the market. Action figures, puppets, ball-jointed dolls, and china dolls all fall under the umbrella term, so having as many of these dolls in your inventory as possible will help capture your target market.

Toy Gadgets

Children tend to emulate what their parents and the people around them do. They will want access to gadgets the adults around them are using, but their parents might have second thoughts about exposing them to technology so early in their life.

Your store can enter the conversation by getting toy smartphones and cameras dropshipped to your store. .


Whoever said that playtime only comes in toys? Clothing also adds a lot to a child’s playtime and adding themed clothing to your inventory can do wonders for a child’s immersion.

You can incorporate anything from a wizard’s coat for Potterhead children to animal scarves and hoodies so they can reenact The Lion King and The Jungle Book. Leave enough interesting clothing options so that kids and parents can do whatever they want.

Transform Playtime with These Toys

Focusing your business on children is always a good move, and adding these items to your list will only help your business grow. As long as you put these little angels in your mind whenever you’re adding new dropshipping items, your business has nowhere to go but up.

For more kids’ stuff and other dropshipping items, make DropshipOnly your partner in your business’ success. We have plenty of items that you can add to your store. Talk to us today to see how we can help you build your dream business.

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